Seed & Hull Digester

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Order Seed & Hull Digester 32 oz. #94720

Seed & Hull Digester

Organic Cleanser

Item# 94720 Size: 32. oz Hose End Sprayer

Seed & Hull Digester – A product for the true birding enthusiast. Protects birds from unwanted parasites and e-coli bacteria.

Birdfeeders: The ground beneath feeders become highly contaminated from bird droppings, organic contaminants, parasites, and e-coli bacteria from molded birdseed.

A simple spray will remove these harmful contaminants. Birdseed, hulls and other organic materials are quickly decomposed, digesting them down into basic components that are easily absorbed into the environment. Treatment provides a clean environment for birds to scavenge freely.

Cleans away…

  • Organic Contaminants
  • E-Coli Bacteria
  • Salmonella