Pigeon Drinking Water Protector 16oz


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Protects drinking water for pigeons. Cleans water and reduces organic contamination buildup in pigeon drinking water. Also gives pigeons additional electrolytes and enzymes that promote bird health.

Pigeon Drinking Water Protector

Because clean water is essential in maintaining healthy birds.

Pigeon Drinking Water Protector provides clean, clear and healthy water. Our essential enzymes provide birds with added electrolytes for better nutrient absorption from grains, wheat germ and other foods.

Keeps water clean & birds healthy.

  • Prevents film, residue, and organic contaminants
  • Adds electrolytes
  • Stops cross bacterial contamination
  • Promotes healthy & happy birds!

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Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 6.35 × 6.35 × 20.32 cm


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