Pond Builder Starter (Step 1) 16oz


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Pond Builder does:

  • Keeps water clear
  • Keeps ponds balanced
  • Eliminates ammonia and nitrates
  • Decomposes sludge and fish waste
  • Minimizes green-water
  • Animal safe and Eco-friendly
  • A natural solution to common pond problems

Do you have GREEN and/or CLOUDY Water?When ponds are filled with new water, bacteria is rarely found. Pond Builder Starter is a mix of indigenous bacteria that will help the biological filter of your pond become balanced. A balanced pond requires less maintenance and stays clean for longer while creating a healthy environment for fish and aquatic plants.

Green and/ or cloudy water may be the result of poor bacteria growth in the biological filter. Use Pond & Fountain Protector weekly to feed nutrients into the biological filter. Our product removes ammonia and nitrates that are deadly to fish and aquatic life while also speeding up the decomposition of sludge and other organic waste.Our product works throughout the season helping to ensure a healthy and balanced pond that requires less maintenance. Over time our product will save you time and money on pond-upkeep while protecting your fish and lily pads.Made with all-natural ingredients that are animal safe and Eco-friendly.Enjoy a clear and healthy pond today!

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