Stop Itch – Goat Protector 32oz Spray


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Protects goats against common parasites that are detrimental to goat health. Safe and all-natural ingredients. Tough on bugs, gentle on animals.

  • Protective Barrier Against Pests
  • All-Natural ingredients
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe on All Animals
  • Cost effective

Stop Itch Goat Protector– protects goats from various common parasites that can adversely affect their health. When goats are parasite free they are known to put on more weight, have a longer lifespan and exhibit a better demeanor. In general, A parasite free goat is a much happier animal that is easier to work with.

Made from a combination of natural enzymes & organic essential oils that act as natural repellents.

We guarantee our product is 100% animal safe when used as directed.

Use on goat fur & enclosure. Effective for one week per application.

(CareFree Enzymes represents that this product qualified for exemption from registration under the 25(b)FIFRA.)

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Weight 85.44 oz
Dimensions 12.7 × 7.112 × 22.86 cm


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