Stop Itch – Goat Protector 33.9 oz (Refill)


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Protects goats against common parasites that are detrimental to goat health. Safe and all-natural ingredients. Tough on bugs, gentle on animals.

  • Protective Barrier Against Pests
  • All-Natural ingredients
  • Long Lasting
  • Safe on All Animals
  • Cost effective

Stop Itch Goat Protector- protects goats from various common parasites that can adversely affect their health. When goats are parasite free they are known to put on more weight, have a longer lifespan and exhibit a better demeanor. In general, A parasite free goat is a much happier animal that is easier to work with.

Made from a combination of natural enzymes & organic essential oils that act as natural repellents.

We guarantee our product is 100% animal safe when used as directed.

Use on goat fur & enclosure. Effective for one week per application.

(CareFree Enzymes represents that this product qualified for exemption from registration under the 25(b)FIFRA.)

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Weight 85.44 oz
Dimensions 8.4328 × 8.4328 × 22.352 cm


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