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Prevents film, residue & organic containment’s

Adds  Electrolytes – Stops Cross Bacterial Contamination

Drinkers, Fountains & waterers become contaminated with organic & inorganic residue that may contain unwanted bacteria, or viruses that can harm the digestive system of birds.   Natural enzymes safely breakdown organic contaminant’s. Water remains clear of organic containment’s, while providing cleaner and healthier drinking water, (Enzymes have no effect on minerals (rocks/gravel), that may deposit on the bottom of the water.

With Water Protector cleaning becomes easy, simply rinse debris away with a hose.

Effective on Plastic, galvonized and heated drinkers.

Heated drinkers attract mineral deposits that lesson their lifespan, Water Protector defends heaters by stopping mineral deposits from forming on other heating coils.

Non-Toxic, All Natural Enzymes.


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Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 8.4328 × 8.4328 × 22.352 cm


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